The Future Of Branding Is Creating Real Connections Between Consumers And Products

The future of branding belongs to storytellers who understand the hero’s journey in the context of modern, mobile life. The hero’s journey is a storytelling structure pervasive across cultures. It starts with a call to adventure, requires that the hero be connected to others, including a mentor. The hero will face extremely difficult challenges along the way. The hero ultimately wins and returns home, armed with new knowledge about herself, other people and the world.

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Hey, Designers: Stop Trying To Be So Damned Clever

This morning, I came across this awesome article by Etsy's CD (Randy J. Hunt) about how designers are trying to be too clever, yet forgetting to think about effectiveness. Its safe to say that I have personally fallen into this category in the past (especially with responsive web design), so this article really resonates with my design career. Read on and be inspired. 

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FastCo headline of the decade: THE END OF ADVERTISING AS WE KNOW IT. So now that FastCo has caused the Earth to fall off it's axis, read Rei Inamoto's argument that the thing we call advertising is over and learn about his four guidelines for moving into the next era, when 365-day connection, people-focused stories, and business invention will be key.

A Single Artist Outshines An Army Of Government Planners

These magnificent creatures make up part of one of the most innovative emergency management programs in the country — seriously, the CDC and FEMA even said so — by providing memorable locations where New Orleans residents know they can show up and find free rides in the event of an evacuation. 

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